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Want to attend college for free? It can happen if you learn German.

All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students. The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down the fees this week.

Even before Germany abolished college tuition for all students, the price was a steal. Typically semester fees were around $630. What’s more, German students receive many perks including discounts for food, clothing and events, as well as inexpensive or even free transportation.

In explaining why Germany made this move, Dorothee Stapelfeldt, a Hamburg senator, called tuition fees “unjust” and added that “they discourage young people who do not have a traditional academic family background from taking up study. It is a core task of politics to ensure that young women and men can study with a high quality standard free of charge in Germany.”

Actually, German universities were free up until 2006 when they started charging tuition. That triggered such a crush of criticism that German states began phasing out this policy. Lower Saxony was the last holdout.

It’s too bad that politicians in the U.S. don’t feel that a college education is worth supporting appropriately. State aid to the nation’s public universities took a nosedive during the 2008 recession and education funding remains well below those levels. The average state is spending 23 percent less per student than before the recession, according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Actually, state support has been declining for public universities for a quarter of a century. Using an interactive tool from The Chronicle of Higher Education, you can see how state government subsidies have cratered at individual institutions.

With the average undergrad borrower now leaving school with more than $29,000 in debt, the free ride in Germany can look awfully tempting.

How to handle the language barrier

German is not an easy language to learn. Fortunately, however, there are international language programs in Germany, which have become very popular with international students before they tackle obtaining a degree in a different language.

What’s more, an increasing number of German universities are offering degrees in English. These are often called international studies programs or in some other way have the word international in their title.—free-degrees—americans/16658027/

This is actually making me cry…it’s one of those times when you realize that your own government just truly, honestly, does not give a shit about your wellbeing in any way.

If Americans don’t reblog this, then y’all need help.

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I sometimes feel bad for not always being able to give my friends presents but I just came up with the most awesome idea for super personalised yule presents. 

Now to see how many of my friends I can make these for before the end of December!

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my brother who is 9 years younger than me is reading freud and nietzche and watching old european drama films and I’m here re-reading harry potter for the gazillionth time and watching spice world

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This How to Adult video is just SO So So So SO SO good. Thanks to Mike for making it.

"What if one of the symptoms of food poisoning was a ravenous desire to eat more spoiled oysters." That’s what depression is like. 

This guy’s words line up p closely with my own experiences. I’ve been fighting this thing for the past 20 years, with varying degrees of success at various times. I don’t talk about it too often in public for fear of seeming whiny, being discredited (“crazy emotional female, har har”), or seen as unprofessional, etc. But maybe that needs to change?

Maybe if I talk about it sometimes it’ll help somebody out there feel less alone? I’m not sure. 

Anyway, sometimes I do quick doodle comics or drawings about it, because that’s easier than writing. Here’s some: (1) (2)  (3)

"The opposite of depression is not happiness, it is vitality."



This is pretty good, but that line is solid gold.

It does talk a little about depression and creativity, specifically, it mentions the fear that medication will cause personality changes and/or a lack of creativity.

I just want to point out that if you decide to try medication, and you experience undesirable personality changes, those are a serious side effect your doctor should be made aware of at once, and are a primo A+ #1 reason to STOP taking that drug (after making sure you know how to do so safely).

Lack of creativity is also a side effect - albeit not as common as I feel people’s fears have made it out to be - and it is your right as the person putting these drugs into your body to define loss or stagnation of creativity as a deal-breaking side effect.

It is your right, always, to discontinue a therapy that is not working for you.

It is not a good idea to eschew treatment that may bring you relief for fear of a side effect that, if it occurs, you do not have to endure.

I am aware in the most painful and awful way how dreadful the search for a tolerable drug can be.  It took me many tries, and some pretty vile and spirit-crushing and genuinely upsetting side effects, and it was disheartening and just … terrible, because I was still suffering, and having side effects, and was getting no relief.

So yes, trying to find a drug that agrees with you and helps is often the absolute worst part of treatment.  But I am here to tell you that it is worth trying.  Please believe me.  Please.  Please push through, and do not give up.  Every failed attempt is another data point, another arrow in your quiver helping you target the drug that is right for you.

You need to fight.  You deserve to fight.  You are worth fighting for.  You are good and strong and brave, and you are not fighting alone.

I won’t tell you it gets all better and everything becomes magically better, like the bad thing never happened.  But I will tell you that it gets a hell of a lot easier, and that even when it is so difficult, life is still very much worth living if you can just keep crawling to the other side of that shadow.

Trust a person who has been there and come out again, and gone back, and come out again.  It’s worth it.

This is all true. Finding both the right kind of therapy, the right therapist and/or the right medication for you can take a while, and it’s definitely heartbreaking when it doesn’t work out, but when you finally get the right one(s), it’s like nothing I can even begin to describe. 

It’s so absolutely worth it. 

I wish there was a magical cure, something that could take all the pain away in an instant, and I know it can seem overwhelming and frightening to tackle it yourself, but know there are people who are ready to stand by you and help you through it all, whether it’s family, friends or strangers on the internet. 

It will get easier, I swear. 

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This is my life

literally me in 99% of my interactions, even with people i’ve known for years

Always & forever.

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